Friday, January 24, 2014

Working on Transfers- Inspiration


     Well its the end of yet another transfer here in the OEM. The end of another 6 weeks as a missionary. Time for some changes. Time for some new people, places, and things to fall in place. Time to grow and serve better than before.
     I always feel a really special Spirit as i prepare for this sacred last few days of the transfer. As i keep my Mission President in my prayers, i am so grateful that the Lord has placed me with him and his wife, i trust them, and i am thankful everyday for all they do for me. As i have faith in the decisions he makes to move me  and push me harder than ever, i have no question that it is the will of the Lord for me.

     I've been reflecting on change a lot lately, letting the past go and embracing the opportunity to have a fresh start. What a beautiful part of our Heavenly Father's plan, that each day when the night comes and we may not have been all we could be, the Lord promises us that tomorrow we can be new. Tomorrow brings a fresh start, vivid clarity, and the ability to achieve dreams. Tomorrow is full of the kind of hope only a faith in God can bring.

     The best way to accept change i have come to conclude on my mission is by embracing it. 
     As i drove away from my beloved first area in the mission field, leaving 6 months of memories and hard work behind, i shed a few tears. Surely i'll never love anywhere like this again i said, if only i knew how wrong i was. Now almost two years and 6 areas later, there have been many repeats of that same scenario. Driving away with all your things, praying that somehow you'll make a difference in this new place you're leaving for. Praying one day it will be as special. And i know it will, if i let God change me while i'm there.

     How will you let God change you?  

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