Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things You Learn As A Missionary

There are a lot of things that you learn in two years, following are some excerpts from my journal:

Every Day Matters:
1. Sometimes you will be given food that you will bless a second time in your head just to be safe.
2. You will meet people who are having a bad day... every day.
3. 20 year old men throw really good whiny fits, worthy of reality TV.
4. Your pants can and WILL rip... in the most inopportune times and places.
5. Vintage ties are cool, not ugly.
6. You can get going fast enough on a bike to get a concussion....
7. If you and your companion are fighting, say you're sorry, then hug him. You'll both cry before to long.
8. There will be days when you have no appointments, it seems the city has been evacuated, and you also have the flu... then it will start raining.
9. It is both possible and realistic to fall asleep while praying.
10. Some food that you make out of the stuff you find in the kitchen of a missionary apartment would make eating bugs seem like a good idea.
11. No one wants to hear your problems... so don't be a whiny baby.
12. 20 year old men also have tendencies to think that sinks are more like dish burial sights till the Resurrection and they magically will rise and clean themselves and go into the cupboards.
13. Thrift stores- Used to you is straight from the factory to me.
14. Older folks will feed you till you are stuffed... then announce dessert. A true testimony of enduring to the end.
15. If you play hacky sack or disc golf in Oregon, you have instant connection with most of the population.

And there are also a lot of spiritual things that you learn in that time. Here are a few that stand out from my journal and experiences.
Spiritual Matters:
1. The Book of Mormon will become something that is precious to you. You will learn to love and cherish it.
2. There is nothing on this earth quite like walking into a font and baptizing someone.
3. You will knock on countless doors, and with enough faith, you will also be let in those doors.
4. Prayer is a tool and a privilege. Use it often, use it in reverence.
5. The Holy Spirit will guide you, learn to rely on it. I have knocked on doors and had them opened by a person that has said, 'i was in the other room asking God to send me help.' ALWAYS follow it!
6. Jesus Christ is real and the Reason. He is constant, He is kind, and He will never leave any of us alone. He is a constant force in the lives of many people that you will meet each and every day. Help others to have faith in Him. That is your purpose as a Son or Daughter of God. 

     I know these things are true. They have blessed me! They have strengthened me. 

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