Thursday, February 20, 2014


What Exactly is A Superhero?

     Many days as i go out into the world, it is hard to miss the signs of Marvel characters and movie people all around me. I see 'Batman' and 'Superman' symbols everywhere i go. Many a time i have knocked on the door of a home to see a toddler masked in a Batman headpiece sneaking a peak around mom at me.  I've heard a lot about 'The Avengers' and other superhero movies, full of lots of action and worth all of the 2 hours it takes to watch my young companions have assured me.
     But that's not a hero to me.    

     Its made my thoughts turn lately to what a superhero is to Me and what i think of when i think of words and phrases like strong, extraordinary, above and beyond, and saving the day. My thoughts turn to a few people in my life.


     I think most people could agree that a great source of superhero quality people in their lives is their family. Mom, Dad, siblings. They teach us who we are and help us become who we are meant to be. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family that cares for me and loves me. I am grateful for each of them and all they do for me.
     What makes them heros? What is it that they have taught me?
     My mother always taught me how to love learning. As we grew up she made sure we gained a love for books and reading, for writing, for exploring and trying new things. She made the world come alive as she took us through many a book. I remember as i got older many nights spent in our living room plopped on a couch having a discussion on a book that my Mom and i had both read. Discussing points we liked, strengths in the plots, different characters and their attributes. Many an evening we spent, and though to her we may have just been talking about books, it really meant a lot more to me inside. She taught me how the world could come alive and be a part of me, how i could explore any topic, country, or culture, all with just the turn of a few pages. I am so grateful she taught me to learn. And over the years, many of those conversations turned to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She helped me begin to put together the picture of what a true hero is and what that means to me. 

     My father has always been an example of hard work in my life. He has always been a hard worker and been very dedicated to being the best he can as an employee. Working a 60 hour week is pretty typical for him, then coming home and spending all day Saturday catching up on little projects around the house. We always got up early on Saturdays. I usually woke to the smell pf pancakes and bacon wafting through the house, and was fed the breakfast of a king. Then we would strap on some boots, grab some gloves, and off we went. Many a service project was attended, many a person helped. And many lessons were learned during this time. 
     I remember specifically when i was getting ready to come on my mission and i was saving a lot for this time in my life so i could afford to come and give two years of service. I was working and on the side i would cut and haul loads of firewood to sell to people which is big business where i'm from. I would often feel some stress that i was not getting enough done to be worth my time, or not working my full potential. Without complaining he always helped me. I would go after work in the evenings and cut loads of wood and he usually turned up to help me. Those few precious hours were some of my favorite. I learned a lot just in that short time, and it has staid with me as a missionary. Go the extra mile, do a little more than you have to.

     My Mission President and his wife have also become superheros to me. I signed the papers, and trusting the call from a prophet of God i left behind work, dating, education and friends to leave to the great Northwest to preach the gospel. From the first day, walking off the plane and into Oregon, till now as i near completion, i have felt a burst of 'superhero-ism' from these two wonderful people. Many new things have been taught and learned while here for me. I am so grateful for all they have taught me! When i realized just how much time and effort is put into being a mission president, it brought a new appreciation for the concept of going above and beyond in the things we are asked to do. I am so grateful for them. They are truly your parents and best friends while away from home.

     And so i rest my case, superheros do a lot more than stop bad guys and wear stretchy pants! Superheros have some really rare qualities, and some very lasting impressions on people.
     A superhero is someone who notices the unnoticed. Someone who does more than they are asked to, and does things JUST because they're asked to. They don't need a reason why or even a good reason to do every little thing, they do it because they've been asked to. A superhero is someone who lifts others, who whispers prayers on behalf of others more than for themselves. Someone who encourages, inspires, who tells you to dream big and then achieve. A superhero is someone who will tell you you can do it when no one else sees hope. I have a testimony of them, and the biggest hero of all,

Jesus Christ.

     He is always here for us. He is always watching, and He knows us. I am so thankful for Him. I know He lives and He loves us, that He truly has all the power to help us overcome by faith. I invite you  to come to know who He is more fully in your life, then go out and live the life He has. Be like Him. Be someones

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